Midstream Division

This division has three departments:

A. Transportation Department:

This department operates in the Midstream Sector of the oil and gas industry, moving petroleum/petroleum products to and from any part of the world; Transcon is presently a major player in sea transportation of petroleum (both crude and refined) both locally and internationally.

About 20 per cent of the activities in the oil and gas sector have to do with the movement of oil both crude and refined.

The department has three units to carry out its activities: Commercial Unit, Operations Unit and Sales/Purchase Unit-  

Commercial Unit:

This unit sources for cargoes and goods to move from one destination to the other. It also sources for all forms of vessels for voyages or time charters. The division also sources vehicles and arranges for rail wagons when necessary. Its activity ends with a fixture. It sources for various types of vessels; from barges to supply vessels, house boats, tug boats etc.

It has two segments: Sea Transport and Land Transport.

Sea Transportation Segment: 

This section deals with movement of wet cargo using various types of tankers. The company has been in the business of commercially managing vessels of several sizes for many years, in association with several ship brokers and owners in Africa, Europe and Asia. We provide from small vessels, mid-range and large range to very large range; moving both clean and dirty products to and fro different parts of the world.

Ship Chartering

Land Transportation Segment:

The company is involved in the movement of petroleum products by trucks, rail (using wagons) and in the near future by pipelines. It has a small fleet of trucks for this purpose but also sources for vehicles and arranges for rail wagons when necessary. The company is also into the supply/ laying of pipes and maintenance of such pipelines in collaboration with technical partners for the movement of products.  

Haulage Tank

Sales and Purchase Unit:

The Company is also involved in the sale and purchase of vessels, tugboats, barges etc for use or demolition. We have acted as Shipbrokers extensively over the years in a variety of Sale and Purchase transactions, serving a broad spectrum of Clients. Without exception we place a high value on the importance of discretion and our ability to work independently to meet the demands of our Clients, some of whom we have served for several years.

Operations Unit

Once a fixture is made, the activities shift to operation; from loading through sailing/movement to discharge or offload. This includes movement through pipelines and any other similar activities. The division also executes pipeline services and construction contracts.

B. Refinery Department: 

The Company has plans to establish a modular refinery that will refine a maximum of 10, 000 barrels of crude oil a day. Adequate land is being secured in Koko, Delta State, for the refinery; crude oil will be brought to the refinery by vessels.


C. Gas Processing Department:

The company will gather gas from oil wells and process same to LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), Propane and Condensate for local consumption and export. The company intends to do this in collaboration with technical partners. This modular gas processing plant will be located in Delta State, South-south Nigeria where we have land and oil fields abound.