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Our long term plan is to own a lube blending plant in the nearest future, the company has secured a piece of land in Sapele, Delta State for the purpose. .

Gas Processing Plants

Gas Processing

The company will gather gas from oil wells and process same to LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), Propane and Condensate for local consumption and export. The company intends to do this in collaboration with technical partners. This modular gas processing plant will be located in Delta State, South-south Nigeria where we have

Refining and Petrochemicals

The Company has plans to establish a modular refinery that will refine a maximum of 10, 000 barrels of crude oil a day. Adequate land is being secured in Koko, Delta State, for the refinery; crude oil will be brought to the refinery by vessels. Likewise, we have a long term plan is to own

Onshore tank farm


Terminalling Department: The Terminalling department is involved in the storage of petroleum products. A large expanse of land has been acquired for the development of tank farm at Oghara, Delta State. .

Corporate Services Division

This division includes Finance and Accounts; Human Resource/Administration; Legal; Planning/Strategy; Health, Safety and Environment; Business development and Procurement departments. All purchases of petroleum products and spares are made through the procurement unit. .

Solar panel

Power Division

The division has two operational departments: Solar Energy Department This department intends to manufacture solar panels or import same from a particular company in the Far East together with the other parts that constitute a solar power system for distribution and installations in the West African sub-region. It will also market long lasting bulbs without

Upstream Division

The division has two departments: Exploration & Production and Oilfield Services Exploration and Production The company will participate in the Up-stream sector through investment in an existing company or a Special Purpose Company (SPV) for the purpose of acquiring and operating a marginal field. Oilfield Services Department The company through this department provides Offshore Supply


This division has three departments: A. Transportation Department: This department operates in the Midstream Sector of the oil and gas industry, moving petroleum/petroleum products to and from any part of the world; Transcon is presently a major player in sea transportation of petroleum (both crude and refined) both locally and internationally. About 20 per cent of


This division has three departments and is involved the Wholesale and Retail sales of Crude oil, Gas, Petroleum products, Lubricants and chemicals. Oil Marketing Department: The department is involved in the sale of PMS, AGO and DPK through four units;                              –    Trading    Retail Bunker Supply. Industrial/Domestic Supply Trading Unit:  The unit imports products (petroleum products)